Suzi has been going out to the skate
board park for several years
showing the kid's how much Jesus
Loves them.

Pizza Hut and McDonald's, just to
name a few, have opened up there
hearts to the needs of these young
people who know only what they

The skaters are very athletic and
ready to show off there talents to
any one who will watch them.

They are all very special to us we
are looking for teams of kid's or
adults who feel they have a calling
on their lives to spread the gospel
of Jesus Christ.
The Lord has called us to evangelize this town to be more specific the kid's
Every Saturday at
The Skate Park
Call for times
Suzi Gresham
(C)New Hope Fellowship 2015
New Hope Fellowship

Gospel Church
Come share your dream with us, and let us help you fulfill it!
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