As my brother has been faithful to stand in the body of Christ and to stand in this city and to love God, God is changing the
atmosphere around you.
And the things that God has called you to do that you have kind of laid aside with the business and the
work, the things that we think we have to do, the thing that you think you have to do; But God says, “I’m changing the atmosphere in
your home, I’m changing the atmosphere of your church, I’m changing the atmosphere where you walk and
you my brother, will be
an atmospheric changer
when you walk into that place.  
Given to Neal by Tina Jones - November 15, 2013

God is going to change the atmosphere over Pahrump! And we are positioning ourselves to be in line with HIS will for Pahrump!  
Please pray with us as we move forward in this endeavour.
New Hope Fellowship
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